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Sourcegraph 3.43 release

Sourcegraph 3.43 is now available! For this release, we introduced:

An easier way for admins to manage users

We are introducing a redesigned user management page to help admins more effectively manage users of Sourcegraph. If you are a Sourcegraph admin, you can now easily sort and identify users based on the number of events performed, last active date, or when the user was created. From there, you can save time by performing bulk actions for a single user or a subset of users, such as forcing sign-out or password reset, promoting to an Admin role, or deleting the user(s).

After upgrading to 3.43, site admins can find this enhanced page under Site Admin > Users & Auth > Users. Looking towards Sourcegraph 4.0, we will be introducing more ways for admins to get the most out of Sourcegraph.

User administration page

In 3.42, we introduced an all new admin analytics page to help admins understand and quantify the value of Sourcegraph to their organization.

We've made additional improvements in 3.43 to include:

  • Graphs with usage trends that can be customized to show daily or monthly data.
  • Annual projections of total time saved to help admins further understand the value of using Sourcegraph. This builds on historical data from the past three months that is captured and stored within the instance to show a full year of value.

Annual projection for Cloud Search

Changelog highlights

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