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How engineering teams use Code Insights

Migration to CSS modules

  • CSS Modulestype:file lang:scss file:module.scss patterntype:regexp archived:no fork:no
  • Global CSStype:file lang:scss -file:module.scss patterntype:regexp archived:no fork:no

Alpine versions over all repos

All repositories
  • 3.1
  • 3.5
  • 3.15
  • 3.8
  • 3.9
  • 3.9.2
  • 3.14
patterntype:regexp FROM\s+alpine:([\d\.]+) file:Dockerfile

Log4j incident response

  • Updated log4jlang:gradle org\.apache\.logging\.log4j[\'"] 2\.(17)(\.[0-9]+) patterntype:regexp archived:no fork:no
  • Vulnerable log4jlang:gradle org\.apache\.logging\.log4j[\'"] 2\.(0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16)(\.[0-9]+) patterntype:regexp archived:no fork:no

Deprecated API usage by team

All repositories
  • CloudproblemAPI file:CloudDirectory archived:no fork:no
  • Core AppproblemAPI file:CoreDirectory archived:no fork:no
  • ExtensibilityproblemAPI file:ExtnDirectory archived:no fork:no

Linter override rules in all repos

All repositories
  • Linter overridesfile:\.eslintignore .\n patternType:regexp archived:no fork:no

# of repos connected to the CI system

All repositories
  • Connected reposfile:\.circleci/config.yml select:repo archived:no fork:no

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Popular Code Insights templates

Version Tracking
Code Health
Global CSS to CSS modules

Track migration from global CSS to CSS modules.

select:file lang:SCSS file:module patterntype:regexp archived:no fork:no
type:file lang:scss-file:module patterntype:regexp archived:no fork:no
Python 2 to Python 3

How far along is the Python major version migration?

#!/usr/bin/env python3 archived:no fork:no
#!/usr/bin/env python2 archived:no fork:no
React Class to Function Components

What's the status of migrating to React function components from class components?

patterntype:regexp const\s\w+:\s(React\.)?FunctionComponent archived:no fork:no
patterntype:regexp extends\s(React\.)?(Pure)?Component archived:no fork:no
Config or docs file

How many repos contain a config or docs file in a specific directory?

select:repo file:docs/*/new_config_filename archived:no fork:no
Java versions

Detect and track which Java versions are present or most popular in your code base.

<java.version>(.*)</java.version> archived:no fork:no
All log4j versions

Which log4j versions are present, including vulnerable versions?

lang:gradle org\.apache\.logging\.log4j['"] 2\.([0-9]+)\. archived:no fork:no
License types in the codebase

See the breakdown of licenses from package.json files.

file:package.json "license":\s"(.*)" archived:no fork:no
Python versions

Which python versions are in use or haven't been updated?

#!/usr/bin/env python([0-9]\.[0-9]+) archived:no fork:no
Vulnerable open source library

Confirm that a vulnerable open source library has been fully removed, or the speed of the deprecation.

[email protected] archived:no fork:no
How many tests are skipped

See how many tests have skip conditions.

this.skip() patterntype:literal archived:no fork:no
Vulnerable log4j versions

What vulnerable log4j versions are present?

lang:gradle org\.apache\.logging\.log4j['"] 2\.(0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16)(\.[0-9]+) patterntype:regexp archived:no fork:no
API keys

How quickly do we notice and remove API keys when they are committed?

regexMatchingAPIKey patterntype:regexp archived:no fork:no

How many TODOs are in a specific part of the codebase (or all of it)?

TODO archived:no fork:no
Commits with "revert"

How frequently are there commits with “revert” in the commit message?

type:commit revert archived:no fork:no
Linter override rules

How many linter override rules exist?

file:\.eslintignore .\n patterntype:regexp archived:no fork:no
Deprecated calls

How many times are deprecated calls used?

lang:java @deprecated archived:no fork:no

Popular Code Insights templates

Version Tracking
Code Health

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