Where to find Starla's Safe key in Dead Island 2

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The Dead Island 2 mascot floating in a pool.
April 24, 2023: Want to find Starla's Safe key in Dead Island 2? Find out how in our guide containing everything you need to know

At some point in your zombie-slaying adventure, you'll want to find the Dead Island 2 Starla's Safe key location. It's needed to unlock Starla's Award Show Safe in Hollywood Boulevard and get the Smashing Composite Sledgehammer weapon.

Dead Island 2 is filled with locked boxes and stuck doors, and finding the various keys and codes is not easy, typically being held by certain zombies that won't appear until certain conditions are met. This is also true for Starla's Safe key. If you're having trouble finding it, read on.

Dead Island 2 Starla's Safe Key location

Before you engage with the zombie, it's essential to track down Starla's Safe.

The safe can be found on the ground by heading towards the far production tent and breaking through the wooden barricade. Once you find the safe, make your way towards the Starla Taylor Moore zombie and eliminate him to obtain Starla's Safe keys.

Dead Island 2 Starla's Safe location
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To grab Starla's Safe key, you will need to head to the Hollywood Boulevard region and then make your way into the Old Dynasty Theatre, where you'll find a zombie named Starla Taylor Moore holding the key.

Dead Island 2 Starla's Safe key location
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Finally, head back to the safe once again and use the keys to unlock it. Afterwards, you will be rewarded with the powerful weapon, Smashing Composite Sledgehammer, for your efforts.

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