Where to find Rose's Storage Box key in Dead Island 2

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A zombie pounding against a door in Dead Island 2
April 24, 2023: Struggling to find Rose's Storage Box key? Check out our guide for its location

In this guide, we will take you through where to find Rose's Storage Box key in Dead Island 2. Dead Island 2 is an exciting game that has brought the franchise to the City of Angels, giving players the opportunity to explore iconic locales like Beverly Hills, Ocean Drive, Venice Beach, and more.

During your adventures around LA, you will come across a ton of locked containers, the keys of which are held by named infected that can be found across the game. One of the most sought-after keys is Dead Island 2 Rose's Storage key. You’ll need this item to open Rose's Storage Box and grab the unique Black Magic baseball bat weapon.

Where is Rose’s Storage Box key location in Dead Island 2?

If you want to wield the unique Black Magic baseball bat weapon in the game Dead Island 2, you must first locate Rose's Storage key. This key enables you to unlock Rose's Storage Box and claim your weapon.

To find the key, head to the entrance point of the Sewers in Venice Beach, where you will find Rose's Storage Box locked in a store with a shutter. The store is located at the end of the road you enter Venice Beach on. To enter the store, interact with the nearby shutter button and hold it until the shutter opens. Check out the image below to have a visual reference of what the box will look like when you come across it.

Dead Island 2 Rose storage box
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Once inside the store, you will see the container holding the weapon, but it can only be unlocked with Rose's Storage key. To find the key, you must locate the zombie named Rose, who is a Level 17 Screamer special infected. Rose can be found near the Sewers entrance, but you may need to try a few methods to get her to spawn.

Where to find Rose in Dead Island 2

One tactic is to locate the container first, and then run back to where Rose is marked on the map. If Rose has not spawned in yet, try fast travelling to a different location and coming back. Alternatively, completing The Giant-Slayer main story quest, which can be obtained in the nearby safehouse, may also trigger Rose's appearance.

After killing Rose, you should be able to get the key from her corpse. Approach the pool of blood to pick it up.

Dead Island 2 Rose storage key
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Once you have successfully obtained the key, return to the store and unlock Dead Island 2 Rose's Storage Box to claim your Black Magic weapon.

Now you know how to find Rose and obtain the key, so you can add the unique weapon to your arsenal! We hope that this guide on where to find Rose's Storage Box key in Dead Island 2 was useful to you.

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