Warzone drop plane bug is causing players to plummet

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Screenshot of Warzone drop plane and Warzone player holding two swords
Credit: Activision

Encountering a game-breaking Warzone bug isn’t anything new in Season 4. Despite the best efforts of Raven Software and Infinity Ward, Call of Duty’s Battle Royale continues to suffer from issues that can impact players.

As Season 4 Reloaded moves into view, players continue to try and pinpoint the best Season 4 weapons, while a glitch has been causing doors to detach from buildings and spin all over the map.

The latest issue fans are experiencing involves the plane that drops everyone into the action at the start of a match. Instead of falling to the ground at a gradual trajectory, some unfortunate troopers are instead plummeting towards the ground at breakneck speed.

Warzone drop plane glitch ruining matches

Reddit user Sabcoll1895 spotted the issue at the start of one of their recent matches and posted it, asking: “Is it just me or is the airplane drop bugged?”

According to other community members, the drop plane is experiencing some turbulence when flying over Vondel and Al Mazrah. Sabcoll also added further details on the issue, saying: “Once deployed, I’m falling straight for two seconds before I can parachute and choose my direction.”

Another fan suggested that the issue has been impacting Warzone for several weeks, declaring: “(It’s been happening) since the start of the season.” Thankfully, others seem to have found a temporary workaround until the developer applies a more permanent fix, with one explaining: “(If you) land on the ground in the warm-up, (without hitting any) rooftops or water, you’ll be able to jump normally.”

The exact cause of the issue remains a mystery and considering it’s impacting how players begin their Warzone matches, the chances of the developers applying a fix ahead of the mid-season update are high. For now, it's seemigly best to keep holding your forward movement button and avoid any obscure landing locations in the pre-game lobby to prevent the bug from affecting you.

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