Apex Legends has "most toxic" community in gaming, claims fan-made survey

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Pathfinder displaying sad face and Apex Legends Catalyst holding a rifle
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Toxicity in gaming is never a nice thing to experience. More often than not, emotions run high in the heat of battle, for example, during an Apex Legends match when players are fighting to become the last ones standing.

As the focus starts shifting towards Season 18, a pro player has recently suggested that a nerf given to Seer hasn’t worked, while other community members believe the battle royale game is crashing more often following its most recent seasonal update.

Now, according to a survey one player claims to have conducted, the Apex Legends community is the "most toxic" in all of gaming, a suggestion which has come to the surprise of fans.

Does Apex Legends have the most toxic community in gaming?

Reddit user Nickelnerd has shared the survey in question via a now-deleted post, asserting that it's based on the number of posts with a negative sentiment on the subreddits on the games listed.

Screenshot of Apex Legends survey from Apex Legends subreddit
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Credit: r/ApexLegends

Its results claim Apex Legends tops the standings, with 31% of posts containing something negative about the game. Additionally, the survey says the toxicity levels around Respawn's Battle Royale are higher than League of Legends, and Warzone.

However, Apex Legends fans aren’t convinced that they’re the most toxic community around, with one player responding by asking: “How the hell did we get above (Call of Duty) and (League of Legends)?”

Another fan thought they’d worked out why Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale has topped the list, pointing out: “Negative sentiment doesn’t denote who it is focused towards or the intensity of the comment,” implying the survey factors frustrated player feedback on the game rather than rage towards other players.

Negative sentiment and toxicity are two different factors. Although Apex Legends isn’t necessarily the most toxic community, it’s certainly interesting to note that fans don’t seem happy with the current state of the game. Respawn Entertainment often acknowledges any issues grinding the gears of fans and judging by how many players chose to believe the results shown in this post, there’s work to be done to reduce the number of complaints.

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