Best cooking recipes in Undawn

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Survival Recipes in Undawn best cooking buffs
Credit: Tencent Games

Undawn is one of the latest apocalypse survival games to hit the market. Knowing how to take care of your shelter and resources is key to surviving in the unforgiving world of Undawn. Naturally, food and its scarcity play a key role in the game. You're going to want the best cooking recipes in Undawn to use your resources efficiently.

Gathering food material in Undawn can be a daunting task, and highly sought-after ingredients such as pumpkins are considered a rarity. Therefore, you're going to want to use your food appropriately, and we've gathered a list of the best cooking Recipes in Undawn with the most potent buffs.

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Undawn recipe list

If you're looking for a full list of the recipes discovered by the community so far, check out this sheet here. A community user made it for everyone to use, and they're constantly updating it with the latest regarding cooking in Undawn.

Best HP recipes in Undawn

HP is an important resource when it comes to combat and survival. You'll be tanking a lot of damage, and there are various buffs you can use to improve your HP, such as HP regen, increased max HP, and HP recovery. Here are the best dishes for each category.

HP Regen

Raspberry waffle:

  • Ingredients: Flour x2/egg/raspberry | Need Lv110
  • Effect: Max HP +217

Bullfrog vegetable porridge

  • Ingredients: Bullfrog/Vegetables
  • Effect: Max HP +50

Vegetable stew

  • Ingredients: Meat, celtuce, Chinese cabbage, wild begetables


  • Restores 23.0 HP per second
  • Restores 9.0 Hunger per second
  • Restores 0.8 Health per second
  • Lasts 3 seconds

Max HP

Mushroom and fruit stir - Fry

  • Ingredients: Aloe vera / fish
  • Effect: Restore HP | +21/second

Best gathering recipes in Undawn

Gathering is an integral part of the survival experience in Undawn, and there are some recipes that will give you a pretty solid boost to your gathering skills.

Steamed pumpkin

  • Ingredients: Pumkpin
  • Effects: Gathering Speed | +15%HP +18/sec |+5 Hunger | +0.9 Health

Pumpkin and mushroom soup

  • Ingredients: Pumkpin / Mushroom
  • Effects: Gathering Speed | +15%HP +22/sec | +4 Hunger | +10.5 Health

Best damage recipes in Undawn

Naturally, combat is an important part of Undawn and you're going to be fighting other survivors and clearing out debris. For this, there's a variety of cooking buffs that give you solid stat boosts. Some of the most powerful buffs include piercing damage increase, max HP damage, damage reduction and increase to damage buildings.


Pasta with pumpkin and vegetables

  • Increase in piercing damage.

Grilled mushrooms

  • Ingredients: Fungus
  • Effects: Dmg To Humans | + 5.6%

Aloe vera juice

  • Ingredients: Aloe Vera
  • Effects: Dmg Resistance | +56

Mushroom and fruit stir - Fry

  • Damage +24

That concludes our list of the best cooking recipes in Undawn, covering the best dishes for things like HP, gathering and gamage. If you're looking for more Undawn guides, check out if the game is cross platform and how to fix the no server error.

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