Apex Legends players think the time to kill is too fast

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Screenshot of Apex Legends player aiming down sights of a pink rifle and Apex Legends Ballistic holding pistol
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment often applies updates in order to maintain some kind of balance across the battle royale.

Despite its best efforts, there are some aspects of the game that stand out from the crowd resulting in them becoming overpowered. In recent weeks, a Seer nerf arrived but one pro player believes it hasn’t had the desired effect.

In some cases, the weapon arsenal receives a dose of buffs and nerfs but in Season 17, one player believes the time to kill is far too fast.

Apex Legends time to kill is too fast according to players

Reddit user Riflejustbadengine asks: “[Does] anyone else feels like TTK is literally -2 seconds now?”

The player explains: “You just think about seeing someone and suddenly your evo shield evaporates and you’re missing half your health.” They’re not the only ones thinking the time to kill is faster than normal.

One fan thinks they’ve found the reason behind it: “Burst damage meta doesn’t help. Getting 3 burst by a Prowler up close or 4 burst by a Nemesis at range either way feels like you get melted faster.”

Since its arrival, the Nemesis Burst AR has dominated the meta thanks to its incredible damage output. Despite several requests for the developer to implement a nerf, it’s continued its dominance in Season 17.

In comparison to other battle royale titles such as Warzone, the Apex Legends time to kill is much slower but from season to season, the time it takes to eliminate an opponent continues to get smaller. One player believes: “Apex is considerably slower because a lot of it is abilities, teamplay, and strategy. But even with that, it’s getting a little out of hand.”

As the focus starts switching towards Season 18, will Respawn Entertainment apply a number of buffs and nerfs to increase the time to kill? We’ll have to wait and see.

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