How to play Quidditch in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

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Harry Potter Magic Awakened Quidditch Snitch and field with three rings

Let’s take a look at how to play Quidditch in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. While being a card collection game at its core, Harry Potter Magic Awakened offers its players many ventures they can pursue while exploring the magical world of Hogwarts. The game lets you fight mystical beasts, scavenge for resources, and engage in other fun activities, like playing Quidditch.

Quidditch is one of the best aspects of the Harry Potter universe. It’s a team-based sport that involves the thrill of flying on the broomstick in a snazzy way to score more points and become victorious. So, without further ado, let’s get started on how to play Quidditch in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened pick up broomstick prompt tap the circle
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How to play Quidditch in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

While it is possible to play Quidditch in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, it may not be intuitive for everyone. There are certain requirements that should be met before you can start a Quidditch match.

The first thing you need is your broomstick that is used to fly. Luckily, you can unlock it pretty early in the game while doing a story quest with Robyn. Once you get the broomstick, you’re good to go. Simply fly over to the Quidditch field, where you can start playing your games.

Quidditch acts as one of the classes in the game, like Potions and Dark Arts classes. This means that you’re only allowed to play it on certain days. So, if you’re unable to get into a match, try your luck the next day. Keep in mind that you will be competing against other players in the game, so you may have to wait a while for the match to start.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened throwing ball to score in Quidditch
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Harry Potter Magic Awakened Quidditch rules and mechanics

Although Harry Potter Magic Awakened provides you with a Quidditch tutorial, it may not be sufficient to win your games. You need to know the following rules and mechanics to defeat the enemy team.

A Quidditch match lasts for three minutes, and the team with highest points at the end wins. Traversing during the match is pretty easy, as you don’t need to worry about flying on your broomstick. All you need to do is tap left or right to change lanes. Be sure to not hit any enemies in your lane, or you’ll end up losing stamina.


Scoring is pretty intuitive in the game. Once you get the quaffle, all you need to do is to tap on one of the rings/hoops to shoot and score. Each score gives you ten points. Be sure to avoid the red lanes in your path and make use of yellow and green lanes for speed and stamina boosts, respectively.

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