How to defeat Demiguise in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

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Students walking through the Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Wondering how to defeat Demiguise in Harry Potter Magic Awakened? We’ve got you covered. Harry Potter Magic Awakened has team exploration options, one of which is the Deathly Dell. These are challenging battles that get more and more difficult the higher you go. However, the rewards are worth it, so make sure you’re prepared before starting the fight.

There are several bosses that you will encounter in Deathly Dell, and one of them is the Demiguise, a white, furry, ape-like creature. It can be pretty tough to beat for newer players as it has some thunder and lightning tricks up its sleeve. Let’s find out how you can defeat Demiguise in Harry Potter Magic Awakened easily!

How to beat Demiguise in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

When you finish a total of fourteen stages in the Deathly Dell, you will encounter the Demiguise boss. To defeat it, it’s a good idea to learn how it attacks first, so you can be on your guard.

One of Demiguise's signature attacks is lightning. Occasionally, several orbs will spawn on the field and slowly start expanding. You’ll need to find the safe zone quickly along with your teammates so as to avoid damage. Alternatively, if you can destroy the lightning orb quickly enough, it will stop expanding, and you will be able to safely stay within the area.

However, the attack that you need to watch out for is Thunder, which is by far the Demiguise’s most dangerous attack. It works similarly to the Lightning attack, but the whole field will be covered. There are no safe spots anymore, but you can make one by destroying one of the orbs. In this way, you and your team can avoid getting hit.

Characters fighting the Demiguise in Harry Potter Magic Awakened
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Best spells to use Demiguise battle in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Now, let’s move on to spells you should use. Two cards that we recommend picking are Protego Totalum and Stupefy. Plus, when starting, use the most buffing and damaging cards you have to take down a chunk of its health.

When a sparkly circle appears, you need to avoid it and run out of it to the other side of the log, as this signifies the beginning of the Lightning attack. If there is no safe spot near you, use Protego Totalum to protect yourself. It’s an extremely handy spell to have, as it can deflect infinite damage from one hit. However, you need to be careful not to use the defensive spell in a position that can be struck by two or more lightning bolts at the same time.

In the Thunder stage, you’ll notice that thunder always hits the same spots. Keep an eye on the time limit and you will be able to judge where the bolt will strike. When the Demiguise approaches you, hit him with a Stupefy spell. You can also use other crowd-control spells or individual attacks such as Inflatus on the Demiguise. The important thing to keep in mind is to destroy the lightning orbs first to reduce its power. Once they are eliminated, you should have no trouble taking the ape down.

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