Warzone fans claim skins are worse than Warzone 1

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Screenshot of Warzone player wearing a wolf head and Warzone player wearing a ghillie suit
Credit: Activision

During the original Warzone cycle, fans had access to a huge variety of Operator skins to unlock and purchase from the in-game store. Ranging from Captain Price to Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, there was something for everyone.

With Activision announcing Warzone Caldera will shut its doors and attention turning towards the Season 4 Reloaded update, players dropping into the action haven’t clicked with the playable characters on offer.

Despite the current Warzone cycle containing plenty of Operators, one player believes the current selection is nowhere near as good as the Verdansk and Pacific eras.

Why are Warzone skins so bad?

According to Reddit user Local-Protection-308, the previous generation of Warzone featured “skins actually worth spending money on.”

The fan says: “The level of creativity and artwork is night and day. It seems like two different studios with completely different artists and artistic philosophies.” Usually, Infinity Ward opts for a more realistic style regarding cosmetics instead of Treyarch, which often applies plenty of colours in its Black Ops titles.

Another member of the community seems to agree: “These new one's [skins] are lacklustre.” On the other hand, one player thinks they’ve found the reason why Warzone 1 skins were better. “[Warzone 1] was more popular and had integration from other CoDs that allowed that fantasy. I’m optimistic they will find a way to get nicer-looking skins.”

If fans are after outlandish skins for their favourite characters, they may have to wait until the launch of the heavily rumoured Modern Warfare 3, where Sledgehammer Games is expected to spearhead the development. For now, the more realistic approach will remain for the last few seasons of the Modern Warfare 2 cycle.

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