How to upgrade cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

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A group of characters in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

If you’re looking to upgrade cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, you’re in the right place. Harry Potter Magic Awakened has just been released worldwide, much to the excitement of Harry Potter fans all over the globe. Upgrading cards is necessary if you want to progress through the game efficiently.

When you begin the game, you will get various cards that you can use in battles. There are offensive spells where you can unleash devastation onto your enemies, while others create a protective barrier between your team and opponents. You can even summon creatures such as spiders and trolls to fight for you. Let’s find out how to upgrade cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened!

How to upgrade cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

To upgrade a card in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, you will need to collect multiple copies of the same card. Additionally, you need to spend coins for every upgrade. These act as ‘materials’ for the card that you can use to level them up. While you will get common cards quite easily, upgrading the rare or epic ones is more challenging and expensive.

To efficiently strengthen your cards, collecting multiple copies of the same card is key. You should participate in events, complete quests, and explore various game modes to increase your chances of obtaining more cards. Make sure to focus on collecting cards of higher rarities, as they often possess stronger abilities.

Then, you simply need to select a card from your spellbook and hit the Upgrade button, spending your coins and using up duplicates.

Universal cards will also help you upgrade more uncommon cards. These are unique cards that make the process of levelling up easier. When using a universal card, keep in mind that you need to match the level of rarity to level up a certain card.

When using universal cards, it is essential to distribute card upgrades strategically across different card types. Also, don’t forget to have enough coins in hand! You will need them every time you upgrade a card. The higher the level of the card is, the more coins you will need. Typically, you should enhance summon cards, companion cards, and spell cards based on your preferred play style and character build.

How to upgrade cards in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened - card deck system
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Why should you upgrade cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened?

Levelling up cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened provides several benefits. Firstly, it increases card performance, as in the case of summon cards and companion cards where their stats such as HP and attack power increase. If you upgrade a spell card, the effects of the card are enhanced, and the casted spells become more powerful.

Plus, when you upgrade cards, the level of your spellbook increases too. This will in turn improve your HP and attack power, which allows you build up your character’s overall strength and survivability. You'll need the extra boost to survive the more advanced battles in the game.


That’s all for our guide on how to upgrade cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened! We hope that this guide helped you level up your cards and become more powerful. Now you can defeat more challenging enemies and stay on top of your game.

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