GTA Online players fill runway with cars removed from websites by San Andreas Mercenaries update

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Some cars in GTA Online.
Credit: Rockstar Games.

While some are already focused on what might happen once GTA 6 gets a concrete release date, many GTA Online players are just trying to make the most of their remaining time in Los Santos.

A fair few of these hardened criminals had hoped that the San Andreas Mercenaries update would help reinvigorate their passion for it, following some weekly updates that left them disappointed, but, so far, it seems that the DLC has failed to change many minds.

The main aspect of it that’s gone down poorly is the removal of an array of vehicles from in-game websites, with the massive amount of cars, bikes, and other rides involved inspiring a YouTuber and their friends to create a visual representation of the unpopular change’s scale.

Are you still unhappy about the massive amount of vehicles removed from websites by GTA Online’s San Andreas Mercenaries update?

The creator in question, Broughy1322, enlisted the help of several other players from a GTA racing Discord server to help them try to line up all of the vehicles affected by the change on one of the runways at Los Santos’ airport, as you can see in the video below.

The group aimed to arrange the full list of vehicles, which Broughy1322 estimates to include around 194 cars and bikes, into two lines, divided into groups based on vehicle categories, that ended up running nearly the entire length of the runway on each side.

The result was a display that takes the creator’s character around a minute and a half to run through on foot from beginning to end, which is pretty mind-boggling.

That said, it isn’t 100% accurate, due to the time constraints the group were operating under, which led them to prioritise simply trying to match the number of vehicles affected towards the end of the exercise, instead of aiming for a perfect re-creation.


Their efforts have since made it to the GTA Online subreddit, where Broughy1322 popped up to say: “[I’m] glad to see the visual aid making [how large the pool of vehicles affected is] even more real for people. I know it didn’t quite sink in as much as it should [have] for me until I saw [almost all of] them [displayed] like this.”

Responses from players in the thread included user deepayes admitting: “The [number of] bikes was particularly mind blowing in this format, just crazy,” while Shh_im_a_GH0ST lamented: “This makes me sad to watch. [There’s] a lot of nostalgia in there [for me].”

Regardless of whether you’re planning to try and re-create this group’s efforts during your next playing session, make sure to follow us to receive regular updates on GTA 6 and GTA Online as new vehicles and more arrive.

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