All Dead Island 2 Curveballs list

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The character is about to fight multiple zombies in Dead Island 2.
April 25, 2023: Curveballs in Dead Island 2 make all the difference. Find a full list in our guide containing all the intel.

There are various items that you can use to defeat zombies and in this article, we will provide you with the Dead Island 2 Curveball list. These special things work like grenades and will be really helpful in your journey.

Dead Island 2 has a decent list of Curveballs, so we're going to explain to you what they do and how to get them. So, let’s take a look at these grenades and their functions!

Zombie in Dead Island 2.
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All Curveballs list for Dead Island 2

There are 13 Curveballs in total, and you can only equip two of them on your character. So, make your choice wisely and you will be able to beat your enemies. Here is the list of all Curveballs in Dead Island 2.

Meat Bait

Meat Bait is a grenade-like throwable that leaves a puddle of blood that lures nearby zombies. You can use it to distract the walking dead and run away while they are attracted to this bait.

The item can be obtained from Carlos in Bel-Air during a quest called Call the Cavalry. This trader will sell you the Meat Bait for free, and it will be your first Curveball.


This is probably the simplest Curveball. It works like a throwing weapon that deals physical damage. The Shuriken can be found on the black car in the Halperin Hotel area. The vehicle was abandoned near the entrance to the Bel-Air location.

Pipe Bomb

This works like a usual grenade. The Pipe Bomb can be found in a yellow case located in the Beverly Hills zone. Follow the road to Monarch Studios and you won’t miss this Curveball.

Electric Star

This works like the Shuriken, but with shock damage. The Electric Star can be found near the Brentwood Water gate in the Beverly Hills area.

Chem Bomb

An interesting Curveball that removes flames and makes zombies traumatised and soggy. The bomb can be found on the second floor of the Halperin Hotel.

Caustic-X Bomb

The Caustic-X Bomb deals massive damage to zombies by melting them. It can be obtained as a reward for the Ravages of Caustic-X quest.

Sticky Bomb

This works like the Pipe Bomb, but is able to stick to zombies or walls. The trader at the Serling Hotel will sell it to you for $1,500.


A grenade that traumatises the zombies it hits. The Flashbang can be purchased from Rodriguez at the Venice Beach military base.

Molotov Cocktail

A classic weapon that can set everything on fire and deal damage to zombies. The Molotov Cocktail is located in the Brentwood Sewer, which you will need to visit during the Heart of Darkness quest.

Military Grenade

Just a simple grenade that deals a huge amount of explosive damage in a large AoE. You can get this Curveball as a reward for completing the Boz Makes a Bang quest.

Nail Bomb

Another powerful explosive device that can make your enemies bleed. The Nail Bomb can be picked up in room 2C in Thalia Residences. You will have to visit this place during the Search for Truth quest.

Electric Bomb


A really powerful Curveball that deals tons of electric damage. You will receive this item as a reward for the Jo's Secret Stash Lost and Found quest.

Bait Bomb

A tricky grenade that works as a combination of the Meat Bait and the Pipe Bomb. It leaves a blood puddle with an explosive device. The blood lures all the nearby zombies and then the bomb explodes, causing massive casualties. This Curveball can be purchased for $3,500 from the trader at the Serling Hotel. In order to unlock this item, you will need to buy the Sticky Bomb and complete the Search for Truth quest.

These are all the Curveballs that you can find in Dead Island 2! Choose your setup wisely and it will help you overcome any challenge! If you are looking for more information about this game, make sure to check our guide on where to find Starla's Safe key in Dead Island 2.

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