Dead By Daylight guides hub

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The Trapper from Dead By Daylight behind survivors

Our Dead By Daylight guides hub goes over everything we have on the game, from perk builds to mod support and more. With years of support behind it and more to come in the future, we'll continue to update here with new information as it comes out.

Dead By Daylight can be a very tough game to learn, given it has over 30 killers, hundreds of perks, and a handful of constantly rotating maps. There's just so much information to learn. Luckily, once you've figured it out, the rest of it gets a little easier. This hub should hold most of the information you need to learn the rest of the game.

Dead By Daylight build guides

Here are all of the build guides we have put out there for the killers. As survivors don't really differ, you can check out our best survivor build for a general guide on all of them:

General Dead By Daylight information

This is some general information that will help, regardless of which role you play:

Dead By Daylight killer basics

In this, we go over mechanics you should learn if you plan to play killer:

Dead By Daylight survivor basics

This will go over techs and information for learning how to play survivor:

Dead By Daylight reviews

Here is a section dedicated to our reviews:

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